Please Note:-
  1. The registration is only for girls.
  2. The registered candidate has to appear for the test / interview on the date specified in the interview slip and has to report at the allotted time for the same.
  3. Both parents / natural guardians have to be present with the child for the Test & interview. No other person shall be allowed to represent the parents on the day of the Test, interview & submission of Admission form.
  4. The original interview slip is to be retained by the parents and is to be produced at the time of both the interview and the admission of the selected candidate.
  5. The parents should ensure that all entries made in the form are correct. Any false or incorrect information shall disqualify the child from admission.
  6. Certificates uploaded with form (e.g. Birth Certificate etc.) are to be produced in original with one self attested copy at the time of admission along-with an Affidavit, on a Non Judicial Stamp Paper Rs 10/- to be sworn before The Principal, Girls’ High School & College, Prayagraj, stating the details required, exactly as specified in the sample given in the link below, and notarised by the District Court, Prayagraj. Click here to download
  7. Church Sponsored candidates have to produce original Baptism certificate with a self attested copy of the same at the time of admission.
  8. The candidate shall be expected to carry colour pencils, pencils, eraser etc., with her for the test.
  9. Please note that the school admits the students directly and we do not entertain any middle persons / agencies for the same. Any recommendation from any source may disqualify the student from admission and shall be treated as illegal.
  10. Please note that Girls High School & College Management reserves the right to admit candidates as per norms/criteria set by the institution.
  11. Fees paid for registration / admission is non-refundable.
  12. Result of the test shall be declared online on the GHS Admission Portal.
  13. The Qualifying age limit for registration is as follows:
  14. Nursery 3+years to 4 years Born between 31/03/2020 to 01/04/2019
    LKG 4+ years to 5 years Born between 31/03/2019 to 01/04/2018
    UKG 5+ years to 6 years Born between 31/03/2018 to 01/04/2017
  15. No queries regarding admissions shall be entertained at the School Gate.
Syllabus for Entrance exam Class Nursery
Oral test from the following topics:
  1. What is your name?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Colours
  4. Fruits
  5. Vegetables
  6. Animals
  7. Parts of the body
Drawing/Written test:

To recognise and colour the given object.

Syllabus for Entrance exam Class LKG
Oral Test:
  1. Myself
  2. Fruits
  3. Vegetables
  4. Colours
  5. Parts of the body
Written Test:
For the written test the child is expected to know
  1. English - Capital A-Z
  2. Maths - 1-20
  3. Hindi - अ-अ:
  4. Activity - Recognise and colour the given object.
Syllabus for Entrance exam Class UKG
Oral test:
  1. Birds
  2. Flowers
  3. Months of the year
  4. Cries of Animals
Written Test:
For the written test the child is expected to know
  1. English
    1. Picture words
    2. Underline the correct word
    3. Three letter words using vowels (a,e,i,o,u)
    4. Rhyming words (Eg. Red bed)
  2. Maths
    1. Numbers (1 to 100)
    2. Number names (1 to 20)
    3. write in numerals (1 to 100)
    4. Addition & Subtractions(Single digit)
  3. Hindi
    1. अ - अ:
    2. क - ज्ञ
    3. दो अक्षर शब्द
    4. तीन अक्षर शब्द